Form Default

Is there a way to code a field to auto-fill data through Form Default? For example, I would like to include a customer’s current Accounts Receivable balance on an invoice. I can create a custom field, however, I then have to navigate Manager to the Customer information to find their current balance and then update the Invoice. It would be much more convenient to have Manager automatically fill this data into the invoice. Thanks for the help!

There is no way to do that. Form defaults can only include information on the standard transaction form, of whatever type. Accounts receivable balance is not a variable on the sales invoice form.

Further, the balance could be constantly changing, meaning that even if the variable was included on the form, the sales invoice would be constantly changing. You would never know what the balance was when the invoice was created. If you want to send account balances, you should send customer statements. Sales invoices contribute to the account balance, they do not report it.

Thanks, Tut!