Foreign Exchange Gains (Losses) Summary shows debits in summary but 0's on details view


I have a recurring problem with Foreign Exchange Gains (Losses).

For example, I have this in my summary:

Date Transaction Description Debit Credit Balance
10/20/2016 Foreign exchange loss US$ 0.95 − US$ 160.53

When I click “View” on the above record and look at the details, I see my three currencies and the breakdown of foreign exchange gains and losses. However, each currency reports $0 gains or losses, making it impossible to see from which currency or transaction the $0.95 came from.

The strangest part is that sometimes I am able to see where the gain or loss came from, but most of the time the details view reports 0 gains/losses while the summary has a different number.

I am having the same problem, and it is now almost two years since the post by @whereskarlo

Anyone who can help?