Foreign exchange loss without changing in exchange rate

My systems shows a foreign exchange loss of 186.62$ at a specific date even that the exchange rate did not change for months.
Moreover, while trying to track this loss and read the detailed report for that specific loss, the report shows 0$ gain or loss.
Kindly find attached 2 files. They might help understanding the case.

There is underlying work to simplify foreign exchange gains / losses. Obviously when you click View button and you get inconsistent figures - it’s a bug.

Now, there are two options. You can send your accounting file to my email address and I can figure out what’s going on or wait for upcoming improvements to foreign exchange gains / losses which are fixing numerous issues and I’m certain this issue will be fixed too.

I just sent you the database by email.
Thank you Lubos.

You sent me the business file but as per your business file, I don’t see $186.62 entry in your general ledger. Perhaps you are using an older version and this bug has been fixed long ago? Try to upgrade to the latest version.