Foreign exchange gains (losses) bugged?

I have a lot of transactions under “Foreign exchange gains (losses)” that are $0.01 and don’t make a lot of sense.

Example: Transaction shows as -C$ 0.01 in the list, however viewing inside the transaction view shows “(0.02)”

And there isn’t even any actual gains/losses here – it’s just an invoice payment, paid in the currency invoiced, deposited into a bank account in the same currency. Maybe it’s the bank (wire) fees that is confusing it?

Or this transaction:
Why is a credit card payment from my USD account to the “credit card payments” equity account have a $0.01 currency gain?

I only have one rate entered, as of 2015-01-01 set as the average annual rate – mostly for the purpose of knowing how much income and sales tax I owe for the cases where I am charging in USD.

I think those cent transactions are simply result of rounding. Even though exchange rate is the same, sometime the equivalent amount in base currency could be rounded 1 cent down or up. I think multi-currency in Manager could be improved to simply ignore these transactions.