Foreign exchange gain in Cash Flow Statement

Hi All,

In the Cash Flow Statement I have an automatically created line called “Foreign exchange gain” (at the very bottom). However, the numbers are not in blue (with a link) so I can’t see the breakdown.

Does anyone know who are those Foreign Exchange Gains or Losses calculated?

Thanks in advance!

Normally, they are based on changes in the exchange rates you enter. They could also come from “forced” equivalencies you enter when, for example, a customer has been invoiced in one currency but pays in another, and you designate these as being equivalent so the customer’s Accounts receivable balance does not change.

I see what you mean @Tut, however, those are the ones I see on the income statement.

Interestingly, I see those figures reverted in the cash flow statement (done by indirect method), but the ones I’m referring to are at the very bottom.


You need to illustrate this with screen shots. It’s impossible to understand based solely on your description.

Hello @tut, yes, I agree. Please see attached. I can’t explain the numbers in green. Thank you!

No one can tell anything from this screen shot. What I meant by illustrating with screen shots was to post a series of Edit screens from relevant transactions that produce changes in this report. And you cannot obscure everything, because3 we have no idea what we are looking at.