Foreign exchange gain error/bug

Hi. I was trying to post a payment to my supplier from local currency account to USD as attached below.

While I was posting the payment, I noticed the USD amount is showing as BDT and vice versa as attached below.

Thus causing overpayment to supplier and foreign exchange gains as attached.

I hope my issue sounds clear. Could anybody help me to solve this error?

Did you change the currency for the supplier between the invoice & the payment ?
The payment line on the report looks to be in reverse.

The currency while creating the supplier was in USD as default. I haven’t changed it whilst making the payment. Yeah, the payment currency option appears opposite. A bug maybe?

The exchange rate for the transaction appears to be wrong.

Is this something I am doing wrong or is it a bug?

In your payment screenshot above - change the unit price to 16,000 so the amount = 16,000 BDT and the exchange rate to 0.0125 then the USD will be 200.

Don’t you think the unit price which automatically comes in the unit price field as soon you spend money should show default currency account - USD instead of BDT and the BDT should be instead the USD field in the right side?

No, because the bank account is BDT based, therefore the first payment field needs to be matching currency - BDT, it can’t be USD.

In that case, it should show 16000BDT instead of 200BDT. This is not appropriate user interface. Either the fields should be blank or it should pull out the right numbers.