Foreign Exchange Gain and Loss


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there’s been couple of examples of foreign exchange gain/loos, but I still think that my case is a little bit different.

I am running a business between 2 countries. In one (Poland) I am purchasing and in the other one I (Switzerland) I am realizing the sales transaction. The company is based in Switzerland and I have chosen the Swiss Franc as default currency. Additionally, I have also opened the account in PLN from where I transfer money for the purchase invoices. I have also started 2018 with some opening balance on the CHF account.

The idea is that for every project, I do transfer some money to Poland first and I do it via the account transfer function with the actual rate of exchange used for each money transfer. With my first transfer, everything was ok, but with the second one Manager is somehow referring to the exchange rate of the opening and closing balance and adding a gain/loss automatically.

My issue is that these gains/losses are not relevant in my case, as every project is calculated based on a different rate of exchange and I only want to make sure that what I insert in Manager reflects the reality on my bank account. Is there a way of transferring money between two currency accounts without the gain/loss being automatically calculated?



Technically i have found the Forex gain / loss transactions to be ok…except for that irritating .01 entries…

the system entry of cross currencies relationship is important…

what i understand and i hope i have understood it correctly is that your your 2nd transaction came at a later date with a different forex rate, hence such entry is normal… as in the case of your example… the forex rates are different.

i am assuming that opening balance is say on 01.01.2018… and you transfered the amount on say 12.02.2018… and you have also changed the forex table with a different fores exchange rate…

if all the above is ok then system is correct in what it is doing…


Hi Surya,

thank you very much for your prompt reply. Technically it makes sense, as transactions refer to the value of money at some point in time. The fact is that I have started 2018 with some money on the account and for every project I am going to transfer the money between the Swiss and Polish account, where the purchase will be recorder in PLN and the sale in CHF. For every project do have a different rate of exchange and so far I have made two transfers - one dated 30/01 and the other 12/02. However, the second transaction still uses the value from the 1st rate of exchange as a point of referece and the reality is that the ROE has changed in the meantime and by transferring the money now, I do not loose/gain any value. I just transfer them to cover my transaction - and the whole project is calculated based on today’s rate of exchange - not the one from the opening balance, or the date of the first transaction which acts ac a reference point. Ideally, it would be great to have zero gain/loss for every account transfer. I just want to make sure that what I transfer physically is correctly reflected in a Manager (by applying the effective rate of exchange)


Dear Gilbert

its not possible for the system not to show the FX gains or losses… it alwaws refer to the table of exchanges being maintained and any future transactions rate will be correlated and the difference will be posted…

in short your TB/BS or any financial statement will reflect all values at the FX rate mentioned in the table… this is how any system works…
in short by posting the difference of 714… the net value in the books is valued at a FX rate of 3.63

cant ignore…


Hi Surya,

I have actually found a “creative” solution. It is enough to insert one more rate of exchange with an earlier date (01/01/2018 let’s say). By doing so, the later transactions refer to this rate of exchange, so at the end of the year I can insert sort of an average rate of exchange coming from all my transaction and I can set it at the reference level giving zero imbalance (gain/loss).

Thank you once again for your help.


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No you haven’t but only time will illustrate that to you and as @surya stated “its not possible for the system not to show the FX gains or losses”

Whilst you may fabricate what appears to be a zero gain/loss over the period, the accounting reality is this, every transaction within that period will have a foreign exchange gain / loss relative to that manufactured “average rate of exchange”.

Your case is absolutely the same as for every other user with bank accounts in different countries - foreign exchange differences occur.


Hi all, i have somehow a similar situation as @gilbert, however i am not sure if this is working. Let me try to explain. We are selling machining parts from China and have a company there. When our customer pay, he will pay in EUR, then later on the bank they will change this according actual exchange rate, this is ok. So to handle my issue in manager, I put my planned ex.rate into the settings. Reason for that is that we sell our products in EUR.

so, for example
I sell a product xxx for 100.00 EUR (based on a planned exchange rate 7.400 CNY). So after delivery of my products i get payment from client, he pay 100.00 EUR, then the bank changes the money to CNY, lets say exchange rate is 7.70 CNY = so clear my exchange rate profit

my planned exchange rate i keep the full year and all my quotations are based on that and i put this exchange rate into the setting of manager. Then every time i get info on changes of EUR-CNY, i can see then in the report if profit or loss

this might be a way which is working, at least so far i dont have issue on that but also started 2 months ago with this. I just hope manager will not auto locate any exchange profit to my sales invoice or purchase invoice, then i have trouble !



What you have written sounds good and right.