Foreign Exchange function and custom currency

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this topic may sounds meager, but in future there might have changes. I like to have foreign exchange rate to be implemented so if we have dealing in foreign currency it would be easy to reflect the exchanges in value. or if there is other way to do so I would appreciate if there is guideline to practice the adjustments.

For Custom Currency, I can see other mediums such as gold coins, silver coins, or other token that is trade-able within association. Can we have the features to change initials of base currency?

Foreign exchange rates have been implemented and part of Manager for a number of years.

Go to Setting - Base Currency and set your home currency.
Once you have set the Base Currency an additional option becomes available under Settings

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I’m a bit lost. did I miss? @Brucanna

Got it!, forgot to open Special Accounts. Now for custom currency… is it feasible?

Exchange rates has nothing to do with Special Accounts.

You can only have Base Currency, not custom currency.

The Exchange Rates option under Settings does not appear until you denominate a cash account, customer, or supplier in a second currency. Until then, even if you have a base currency set, it is not needed.

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no… what I meant, the exchange rates icon did not exist before I open special account that has other currency type.

What I mean by Custom Currency, other than pre built base currency selection like MYR = Malaysia Ringgit, for example, Gold Coins = GC which not even an official type of currency or mediums, I use it as trade-able medium to my associates or community usually in form of gold coins/silver coins/token.

@Tut got it.

That was my point, although I did not include every possible option for accounts dominated in second currencies.

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well yes, at the very least I know it won’t show unless I open an account using second currency. and your point proves it.

I’m’ just thinking whether I should treat it as stock… since it has different dimensions, and weight, purity in 24 carat…

I’m not selling it, its more like barter trade.

I don’t think so. Inventory is goods held for sale or production. But your situation is not clear. It sounds like you are using coins as an unofficial medium of exchange. Is that right? Or are you a coin dealer, selling coins to collectors?

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Yes using it as unofficial medium of exchange! only within association or community, so I have two different books 1 is using Fiat Money (government issued papers) another is minted (unofficial).

All I ask whether is feasible to have custom Initial of Base Currency function. self-define since it only serve as identification or terms of measurement.

I’m very sorry for my bad English and insufficient description that cause @Brucanna to misunderstood.

To enlighten your curiosity why I asked and why unofficial medium of exchange.

This might help:


Manager does not currently support this. The only unofficial form of exchange supported is BitCoin.

Alright then, May I know whether Manager have this feature in their will-implement-this list?

You can follow the Roadmap.

Thank you, I take it as “Not yet”