Dear team members
I noted the following on which i need some guidance
For the foreast i use the same codes as in the normal postings
income and cost
income is positive and cost are negative and between brackets

the net restult of the forcast should be income (positive) minus cost (between brackes as being negative)
however the sum is presented (income plus cost) instead of income minus cost)

Attaced is a pdf
some guidance is helpfull

VVE De Zeeuw - Voorspeldling Winst & Verlies Overzicht - Voor de periode van 1. 01. 2023 t_m 31. 12. 2023.pdf (88.5 KB)

Please see instructions Added "Forecast Profit & Loss Statement"

You have to put a - before the expense/cost so for example Abbonement should be -75 in your forecast entry not 75. Next time you should also present the entry screen shots.

The procedures for entering account balances for forecasts are the same as for budgets. See Create a budget | Manager.

@Tut and @eko
thanks for the help
it is clear now