Fixed asset purchase value and reports


Im new to manager and am trying to figure out how it works… So I played around with a test business…

I registered a fixed asset (PC) and purchase 2016 for $1000. I then depreciated it $200 , 2016,2017 and 2018. My set period is 2018. The purchase cost under the fixed asset doesn’t show $1000 unless i changed the date to 2018. What am I missing here?

I also would like to have a report over all fixed assets and be able to see purchase value, Deduction for the period, sum of deductions sin purchase and deducted value. Like below.

     PV.   Ded Sum Deducted value

2016 1000 200 200 800
2017 1000 200 400 600
2018 1000 200 600 400

Is that possible?

The Fixed Asset Summary from the Reports tab will provide this information.

If you entered purchase cost in accordance with the Guide, it will show regardless of date. If it doesn’t, post screen shots of the relevant input screens.

Thanks I missed that. I Saw the field opening value. Do you know where I fill that in?

I got it to work. Thanks

I tried to do a new business and put up some values see the attachments below. The depriciation seems to work still I can’t see the purchase value under “Fixed Assets”. When I do the report Fixed Assets Summary I get nothing even if I have the perioded including early purchases… Any ideas what Im missing?

summary%20start%20date depr%20showing RX%204%20d 26%20am L35100%20depr GH4 FAS%20 all

Use Settings -> Starting Balances to record the Purchase cost and Accumulated Depreciation at start date.

Missed that. Thanks heaps!