Find & recode search not working

When I go find and recode in the payments and receipts tab and put in my search word click search it shuts down that business and takes me to all Business page

Oh Thank you

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@Wornout fixed in the latest version (20.6.79)
@jherdocia can’t reproduce the issue. Is it any invoice in any business file? Do you get any error at all?

Thank you will redownload

Following on from the bug that was in find and recode it wont stay updated. I up date the account and tax amount click update but it does not update to new account

I cannot reproduce this. Are you sure you clicked Bulk Update after finding and recoding transactions?

Yes its the only button there right beside the boxs that you put the new account in and the tax rate

Right just shut down manager and reopened and opened another company and it worked so I assume the other companies work as well .So I can mark as solved