Filename print by pdf changed

A minor thing, but a bit annoying in use: the naming convention of the print preview has changed recently.

When I make a sales quote, I use the print option and save the quote as a pdf (which I later manually merge with my written sales quote in Preview (macOS)). For more than a year the naming convention of the print preview was My Company name - Quote no - Name customer. Now (19.11.11) it has become My company name - Sales Quote - View.

The previous convention was very easy in use (clear for me and clear for the prospect). Now I have to manually change the file name. Can this change please be reverted to it’s previous convention?

i do not think this will be reverted because i guess it is an important part of the future developments in Manager related to breadcrumbs and audit trail.

also, the present implementation gives the accurate steps followed by the user to reach the current screen.

you can also disable the header and footer printing in your browser settings altogether.