Feature request, Reports summary


On opening the reports tab it would be nice to see a summary of reports that I have created. It would save a couple clicks of the mouse to try to find the report.

Click on the report name. You will see a list. They are not mixed because that would be confusing.

Yes I understand,

This is what I was thinking.

Opening the reports tab would show a list of all the reports that have been created but grouped into there respective categorizes. At the top would be a button " New Report", clicking it would take you to the page that is currently the reports tab. Were you could create a new report.

Just my thinking.

There is no such page to take you to. You must select the report type first. Then Manager can take you to the relevant list and will allow you to create a new report of that type. Depending on tabs enabled and localizations, there can be dozens of report types.

yes I know, and I know how to create a report.

I am saying that this is an idea for the reports tab. To make it more efficient, streamlined and easier to use.

It is only my idea.