Feature request / question about transferring currency

I have multiple accounts (multiple currencies, but that actually does not matter right now)

I’m trying to do an internal transfer between bank accounts. This works, and is very welcome as you have the two transactions together.

However, for these transactions I also have some bank fees. How should I do this? It’d be great if I could add this in the internal transaction screen.

I understand I an simply make a new transaction, but I’d like to ‘link’ these fees to that transaction for future reference

That’s not possible

You could amalgamate the fees directly into the conversion and note them in the description field

I have a similar problem with bank fees charged on a direct debit salary payment - I have to add a line each time for 0.15 cents bank fees

Hmm. I understand how it works with normal transactions, and that’s actually fine. But I kind of like these “internal transactions” for two reasons:

  1. It keeps the bank-transactions together
  2. I just noticed you can do an internal transaction between two different currencies, and it uses that as the exchangerate. This is nice when you know these two amounts.

I cannot put the fees in the description with internal transactions, because the amounts will always be the same

The reason is that inter account transfers are between accounts of your business. Bank fees are transactions with a third party.

You can enter the details of the fees in the description feild in the funds transfer form. Enter a description linking the bank charge to the transfer.

You can also use the same reference numbers for the two transactions. My bank actually uses the same reference numbers for a transaction and its fees or charges. So if I search with the reference all associates transactions pop up.