Exporting of P&L & BS and creating cost centres

Hi all,

I am having some issues with exporting the P&L and Balance Sheet. When I click “export” it just displays the information on the screen without a file downloaded. Kindly please assist in our requests.

and the second


I have construction Business and I need to create cost centres for each project, is this possible please

thx all

Please open Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, copy the text from Manager and then paste it into the spreadsheet application.

Manager allows you to export using copy & paste and won’t directly give you a file to download. This makes it easier when pasting details into an existing sheet.

For more info: Copy lists and reports | Manager (see “Copy the data”)

Please read the following guide, it should be what you’re looking for:


In Manager, you can use tracking codes to represent each of your cost centres.

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Exporting of P&L & BS. Cost centres.