Exporting Customers and Suppliers


I try to export Customers and Suppliers, than copy the value to Excel and then import those values back to Manager but I keep getting false values?

Can I learn how to do this properly?



Where are you exporting from? And how, exactly, are you then trying to import? The only way to import customers or suppliers is through Batch Create. And the content when exporting customer or supplier lists doesn’t match the required input for Batch Create. You’ll have to copy from the Batch Update function, then adjust the columns to match what is required for Batch Create.

I try to export directly from Manager app? Can I learn more about Batch Create? Is this is an external app or within the software? Thanks,

I meant where in Manager are you exporting from? Which tab, list, report, etc? You can read about batch operations here: https://www.manager.io/guides/9572.

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