Export purchase invoices for XML

Does anyone know if it is possible to export a list of unpaid purchase invoices? It would be great if I could export the name of the supplier, bank account number (custom field), description, invoice number, amount and due date (or purchase date) of the invoices. I want to use this to create a payment file (XML) for my bank.

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I’m not sure about whether Extensions support working with collections/selections at this point in time but I know that this is possible using a staging tool linked to the API. Spreadsheet programs could work.

That would be a good idea… I am looking for the same.

I think you should first add custom fields to the supplier card in order to include SWIFT codes and IBAN.
then you create a custom report to extract all requested dimeters and data where purchase invoice/ closed invoice is not checked; like this you extract only unpaid purchase invoices. check the following:

the most important thing to do then is to convert the Excel file to XML