Exemption Irish VAT

Hi, I am planning to become self employed in Ireland. Essentially I got a full time job with a US firm but since they do not have offices in Ireland they are hiring me as a contractor (finance industry). Signed a contractor/consulting agreement with them specifying the terms such as monthly payment for my services.

  • My understanding is that with this I can become self employed. Since I will be providing services to a business outside the US, my understanding is that I do not need to charge VAT.
  • Since I do not need to charge VAT, I also understand that I do not need to register with VAT, meaning I also do not need to report VAT bimonthly or yearly?

Could somebody help me clarify the above points? I am mainly interested in understanding whether I would need to report any VAT information at all, or just the annual revenue in October for income tax, PRSI and USC


You need to consult a qualified local accountant. These are not questions about the Manager application, which is the purpose of this forum.