Payslip Deduction Items

how can i do the amount deduction from employee is other revenue account where account is related to only liabilities .
thank you

All payroll deductions are posted to liability accounts, because deduction payslip items are amounts payable to outside entities. An example is income tax deducted from an employee’s pay. The amount you deduct as the employer belongs to the government, not to you, so it is a liability. No revenue account can be involved.

Describe your specific situation.

Some opinions are considered as deductions from employees for ex. absences are revenue.
any way this is unnecessary as long as the solution is over.

Reductions of earnings because of absences are not deductions. The phrase deduction items has a specific meaning in Manager. It refers to amounts that are payable to someone outside the company. See

Likewise, such reductions cannot be considered revenue, because the business has not received income from anywhere. They are simply lowering of expenses. If you are going to account for absences on payslips, you should define them as earnings items, then enter negative amounts. These would normally be considered contra expenses. The only time you would do this is when an employee is paid a fixed salary that is reduced by absences. You would enter the fixed earnings as a positive amount and the absence as negative.

@Mmf - having payslip deduction items being restricted to only liability account allocations is a limitation which Manager shouldn’t have. There are any number of reasons why a business has internal deductions, which don’t related to third parties. Read this “Ideas” topic: Employer "earned" payslip deduction items

I support the idea that certain deductions can be related to something internal and not with third parties such as tax and the social security office. Another Item could be added.

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