Emailing Purchase Invoices?


Is there any option of emailing Purchase Invoices hidden in this system, as i am not finding it anywhere ?
Please let me know how to get all my purchase invoices emailed just like Sale Invoices ?

Purchase invoices are internal documents. You should create one when a supplier send you a sales invoice. You should not send them to suppliers. In other words, they are a means to enter incoming sales invoices from others into Manager. So why would you need to email one to anybody?

I do not want to email it to any body. Rather I need to email it to my self so that we can take a print out of a purchase invoice (deal) and file it onto paper files with rest of the import documents. Plz Advice if there is any option just wherein one csn email it to them selves and take a print out of Purchase Invoice.

Just print it while viewing the invoice. The button is at the top of the window.