Editing custom invoice theme


I have searched the forum for a couple of hours and couldn’t find the info I am after, sorry if it’s there and I missed it.

I have made a custom invoice theme and changed the title name.
I would like to change the text for the column headings ‘Description’, ‘Qty’, ‘Unit Price’, ‘Discount’ & ‘Amount’

Can someone please point me in the right direction or give me a few examples?

Anyones help with this will be greatly appreciated.

The variable which prints columns in a loop is called {{ column.label }} so find that and replace it with:

{{ column.label | replace: 'Description', 'Mega' | replace: 'Qty', 'Giga' }}

This will replace “Description” for “Mega” and “Qty” for “Giga”

Thank you :slight_smile: