Duplicating invoice for customers

I have 50 customers and all have the same invoice contents, is there a way to create single invoice and copy to the selected customers or I should create invoice for each customer??? It is a hard work creating the same contents fifty times.
How to simplify this?

Use Form Defaults and leave the customer entry field blank.

  1. Create the single invoice as usual
  2. List all your invoices and click on Batch Update → Click Copy to Clipboard → Paste in Spreadsheet
  3. In spreadsheet delete all the lines of the other invoices so that only the one you created under point 1 is there.
  4. Duplicate the invoice lines to reach 50 customers
  5. In Manager click on Customers and click on Batch update → Click Copy to Clipboard and then IMPORTANT past in a blanc spreadsheet.
  6. Delete all non relevant customer lines so you remain with the 50 you want.
  7. Copy All the 50 Keys (they look like a231f3f3-f057-465e-a14a-b625f3cd1516 ) and paste them in the Customer Column in the Invoice Spreadsheet.
  8. Goto Manager Invoices and Click Batch CREATE and Copy to Clipboard and paste in a blanc Spreadsheet.
  9. Copy all the content lines of the Invoice Batch Update spreadsheet that now has the customer IDs and past under the spreadsheet Batch Create headers.
    10 Copy the content of the Batch Create spreadsheet to the Manager Batch Create textfield as instructed and click the Next button

Check the resulting screen and confirm. The 50 new Sales Invoices will have been created.

Typing this takes longer than the actual process of doing this :slight_smile:

You can also create one invoice and clone or copy it, changing only the customer. However you decide, you don’t need to recreate the content of the invoices.