Division Details?

I am wondering whether @lubos will eventually give us Division Details analogous to Busines Details.

I have found the Business Details a very convenient place to store key information because I can add custom fields as desired. It is a wonderful feature.

I would look for the ability to store such things as separate sales tax numbers, employer numbers, addresses, and other custom fields for each division.

I am expressing what I seek. I assume we don’t already have Division Details. But if we do, someone could please point it out. Or if Manager Accounting already has some way to do the same thing, someone could tell me where to read in the Guides.


I also agree with @Indinfer custom fields must be added to divisions.

Thank you, @ASEGC1725. Frequently, @lubos comes up with an implementation that requires a short time to get used to. However, later, I realize that his implementation is far better than what I was seeking.