How do I book a disinvestment so that it can also be seen as disinvestment in the report of fixed assets


Can you give a specific example what is disinvestment. I’m not familiar with this term.


Selling assets such as cars


@Henri : I think that you mean is Disposal of Asset? Doesn’t it? You can just Click your asset item then tick a disposal below the name, and it will take the amount to Loss Of Disposal.


I’ve sold assets is recognized in the assets. Now, I sold it and would like to see this amount as divestments to report assets.


I would like to see the sale of the assets in the red circled box. How to get the amount that?


To see disposal amount in the last column, you will need to mark the fixed asset as disposed and select the day as of which sold asset is being disposed (this should be the day you have sold the asset)

Your report indicates you didn’t record any sale and you didn’t mark the fixed asset as disposed.

To sell fixed asset, you can create new invoice where you can select Fixed assets account or you can simply create a cash transaction (under Bank accounts or Cash accounts tab where you receive money for the sale by allocating money received to Fixed assets account.