Disabling automatic credit allocations

I would like to disable the function “Overpayment on sales invoice automatically transferred to customer credit account” anyone know how to do it?

Under Settings tab select Customize and activate Automatic Credit Allocations. There you will be able to disable this function. You will have to have version (14.12.21) or later installed.

Do as @esenicki says but before you disable automatic credit allocation, may I ask why?

actually i prefer the overpayment stay in the sales invoices so that i can view which customer that had overpayment easier.

I cannot find this disable automatic credit allocation under customize under settings tab and I am using the latest version. Can you please help ?

The entire scheme for customization was changed earlier this year. So the advice from @esenicki given in December 2014 no longer applies. Availability of various settings functions is now determined by which tabs are enabled.

I cannot say for certain, but the option you describe may have been eliminated from the program. Other users may know, but of course @lubos will be able to answer that question. From his previous post, he seems to think the capability is important. And it definitely makes accounting sense.

This option is not available for new users. Why do you need to disable automatic credit allocation? So far everybody who asked it to be disabled kept it enabled in the end.

Automatic credit allocation is triggered only if an overpayment is made on an invoice or if there is a credit in customer account and new invoice is issued.

In my case I received TDS refund from the customer, which if used via automatic credit applies it to recent invoice pertaining to current accounting period, while this TDS refund needs to be linked to previous accounting period. If there is a solution to do the same without AR (as I have been using automatic credit so far) please educate me.

@lubos I really need this options to be enabled since my nature of business is for down payment, the customer wants us to raise invoices so it’ll be much much much helpful if I can manage this manually since it’ll be related with my liabilities to the customer.