Digital signature and stamp in invoice and quotation pdf

Dear sir how can I add digital signature and stamp in invoice and quotation pdf

not possible in Manager. you can use any pdf editor for the same.

what stamp?

@udaysingh007005, the full answer to your question depends on what you mean by “digital signature and stamp.” If you are referring to adding a graphic representation of a signature and business stamp of some kind, this can be done with custom fields of the image type. See Use custom fields | Manager and Add an image to a custom field | Manager. If you are referring to some form of digital security authentication in the PDF file itself, you cannot add that within Manager.

You can automate the procedure by automatically signing all the pdf generated by Manager and saved in a certain directory.

How, Can you explain?

How what, @melaibary? More than one thing was discussed in this thread. If you are asking about automatic signing of PDFs, that is not a Manager feature, but a function of the PDF generator you use. This forum is only for discussion about Manager.