Depositing Undeposited funds to Bank Account

I’m struggling with this.
Have searched the forum, but a lot of comment is from 2014 and things seem to have changed.
Is there a simple way to aggregate undeposited funds into a bank deposit?

You need to be a little more specific. If the funds are truly “undeposited,” they should not be represented in a bank account in any way. And what do you mean by “aggregate?”

If the funds have been deposited by not cleared, so they don’t show on the statement yet, show them as Pending. See this Guide:

Thanks for the quick reply @Tut
The simplest example would be where a number of cheques that are payments for invoices are deposited in one bank deposit transaction.
In our case was have many small onine invoice payments deposited to our ecommerce gateway who then agregates these individual payments into one bank deposit per day.
So our bank statement does not show all the individual deposits, just the one aggregation.

You could open under Cash Accounts the ecommerce gateway as a separate account.
Receive all your online payments into that account, then do a Transfer Money for the daily deposit.

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That doesn’t matter. Receive money, with separate lines for the receipts against individual sales invoices. The sales invoices will be cleared, the total receipt amount will match the bank deposit. The important requirement is that you must know which invoices are being paid by the aggregate receipt.

@Brucanna’s approach will work, too. The question is whether you need to see and record the intermediate step by the gateway. To me, it doesn’t sound necessary, but you be the judge.

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If you can download the data like an “Import bank Statement”, then the separate account will facilitate that process.

Thanks guys, I appreciate your feedback :slight_smile:

Re the @Brucanna approach:
I’m using the server version and I don’t see a way of having multiple lines within a transfer.

Why do you need multiple lines ?
The money transfer is for the aggregate amount deposited into the bank from ecommerce - not for the individual payments paid into the ecommerce.

The individual payments would be Receive Money into ecommerce.

Yes, I see your point @Brucanna