Deposit and VAT

We make units on order only. For this we require a 50% deposit. Full price is 1574.39 + Vat totalling 2000.00. 50% deposit is then 1000.00. We make two invoices, one for each of the 50% and the outstanding amount. The deposit can not be less than 50% of the 2000.00.
Deposit 1000.00 + 14% = 1140.00
Outstanding 1000.00 + 14% = 1140.00
Total 2280.00
Total should be 2000.00
Is there a way to do this to get to 2000.00 ?
Do you ask VAT once or twice or not. Maybe I am talking myself in to a corner.
Please help

First, to request a deposit, use a sales quote, not an invoice. You can rename the sales quote anything you want, such as Pro Forma Invoice, Proposal, Deposit Request, etc. See this Guide:

When final delivery is made, raise a sales invoice for the full price. The customer’s deposit, assuming it was received before work began, will be automatically applied.

Second, if all VAT is included in the 2,000, just mark the forms as being tax-inclusive. See this Guide:

But if 2,000 includes VAT, why are you adding another 14%? Do not charge VAT again. Further, your numbers don’t make sense. If your VAT rate is 14%, VAT on 1574.39 should be 220.41, and the total should be 1794.80.

Thanks Tut, Good explanation.