Customers requesting Deposit Invoices to issue payment

I am new here and hope I am posting my question in the right section. Most of my large clients are insisting on an invoice that has only the deposit amount as the total. I operate like this… a client requests a quote that they look over and agree to. Once they agree, however, they do not want to pay to the quote or the full invoice. They request an invoice with only the deposit amount as the total. I started creating two invoices one for the deposit amount and another for the balance but I am running into problems when I give a discount off the total amount etc. For example…I bill client A for $1,000 less 10% discount = $900. Deposit to be paid is 50% or $450. Means to create a deposit invoice I will have to split the cost and show the item cost as $500 less 10% = $450. But this is not accurate…the item cost is $1,000. Any ideas?

One way to approach this is to generate a sales quote for the deposit, but rename it as a Pro Forma Invoice. See Create sales quotes | Manager. The sales quote will have no financial impact whatsoever. When the customer pays, enter the deposit as described in this Guide: Record customer deposits and advances | Manager. At the end of the job, create a sales invoice for the full amount. Manager will apply the deposit to the sales invoice and show the balance remaining.

Another way, if the customer is contractually obligated to pay before work begins or deliveries commence, is to raise a sales invoice for the deposit itself. Treat it like any other deposit.

The discount issue is not a problem, because you can enter either percentages or exact amounts. See Apply a discount to a line item | Manager. Extend the discount whenever you want: partially for the deposit, all at the end, etc.