Deposit and amount on completion

I’m in the building business and I would like to know how can I add the deposit and amount on completion on my quotes and sales invoices?

There is an account called Customer advance payments.

Categorize any bank/cash receipt which is advance payment from customer into this account. Eventually when you issue sales invoice to customer, you can clear advance payment to offset the invoice.

Is there no other way I can add it on my quotes and sales invoices when I want to mail it to the customer?

You mean you want to show customer how much is deposit on sales quote or sales invoice? If that’s the case, write it in description field or in the notes field so it will show on quote/invoice.

Yes, I tried it in the description field, then it adds to the total.

In the note field I wrote the bank details.

Nothing you enter into Description field can affect total on invoice. As I said, enter information into Notes field or Description field. If you still claim it has effect on your totals, post screenshot of your quote/invoice form to see what exactly you are doing.

On the invoices I need to show that the clients have paid a deposite and deduct it from the total amount of the invoice. I can not find the feature you mentioned: Customer advance payments.

Thanks in advance.

I think Customer Advance Payments is now called Customer Credits

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Hey Brucanna,

thanks for the help I did create a Journal entry but it did not show the deposite on the invoice.

A deposit would be a Receive Money so why are you using a Journal?

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Hey Brucanna,

thank you for the help.
I did it.
Your help was crucial.