Delivery Charge with GST

Due to implementation of GST we have to add some tax on delivery charges too which comes around 18% i guess, Can you guide me how do i implement that in Invoice

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Delivery Charge are not in GST if you tell about Indian GST. If you are having a transport company then… its take a service charge.
By the way…Then also if you want to add Delivery charge with TAX for some other reason…then you can put one extra column in Invoice. Give a name or description… Like “Delivery Charge” and provide a TAX Code as appropriate. look at the highlighted portions of image.

For transport what you are telling is different, but there is some condition were we have to add some charges on delivery charge too…

It wont look good if i add up delivery change in the way you suggested.


why??? If you want to display Delivery charge in Invoice then you have to add it in Line…
You can also provide the account for this particular… But the things remain same if you want to display it in Invoice.