Add shipping / freight charges to sales invoice

Dear Sir,

How to add shipping or freight charges in sales invoice. can you please add column like VAT. another column like VAT column where we can add freight or shipping charges. as you know for export. we normally have to show in our invoice.


Have you done a search of the forum yet?

This might help:

Shipping charges are not added to individual line items the way taxes are. They must be added as separate line items. Generally, they are posted to different accounts.

freight, shipping and delivery charges should be shown separately. it should not be added as separate line items. client could be confused if there are many different products in the sales invoice. I want to show them separately

Other accounting programs all do the same as Manager and do add shipping as line items, see for example How to Enter Shipping Charges in QuickBooks | Small Business -

So not sure why this common approach is a problem.

These two statements are direct contradictions of one another. Separate line items will show these charges separately. If you want to distinguish which charges apply to which inventory items being shipped, then add separate line items and indicate in the description which charge applies to which item.

i mean to say is when we add products in invoice. if we have many products in invoice then even at the end if we add freight charges/shipping/delivery charges it will make the customer confuse. I am going to attached picture

to show you what exactly i want.
i want to show freight/shipping/insurance charges like this. If you can do. kindly make changes in sales/purchase orders and invoices as well

@zeeshan238, you are trying to redesign Manager’s transaction forms to match your personal preference. That will not happen, especially since the developer is just completing a major revision that standardized form layout. All your example does is move a line item from above a subtotal to below. (What is labeled as a TOTAL in your example is not a total, because it excludes sea freight.)

I am not trying to redesign. the transaction forms. I am just tell to add charges where there is sub total after VAT.

after sub total we should be able to add charges then net total. This will help exporters to show their customers with correct information about charges.

I am sorry, but that is not true. I am not sure how long you may have been using Manager, but I see that you joined the forum less than a day ago. And you have already started three topics that demonstrate you are not reading the Guides. Tell me what is wrong with this presentation:

What difference does it make whether the freight and insurance are above or below the line? The fact is, those charges might be taxable. You might offer the customer a discount on them. Or you might have more than one. You might have them defined as non-inventory items with standard rates, units of measure, etc. In any of those cases, they would have to be above the line to show all the details, not a single number.

That is exactly what you are suggesting. The forms already allow you to add the charges and make them totally visible. You just don’t like where they are in the form design.


Yes, i joined the forum 1 day before and i have used Manager accounting software in 2017. My experience with this application was good. it has more functions now.

As far as your presentation is concerned, you have given me good example i appreciate. I was thinking to do same like you and defined as non inventory items.
Thank you again

Non-inventory items are a great solution to standardize the treatment of shipping, the only remaining part is the presentation which is just a weak convention. If you can look past that then you really aren’t missing on anything.