Default Theme

Just noticed that default theme design has been changed, Earlier default theme was perfect. How can I get the earlier default theme

What version and edition are you using?

Also, what has changed in the default theme?

I am using cloud version and using default theme. Earlier, in Sales Quotes it use to show as below

Total Amount
Vat Amount
Total with Vat

Now it is showing as below

Total with VAT
Vat Amount

Have you by any chance checked this box:


Please share the view and edit screens of the transaction involved.

Please show the EDIT screen as well

1st image is for Before - Sales Quote with Default Theme & 2nd Image is of After - Sales Quote with Default Theme

It seems most likey that you have selected two different pricing options for the two quotes, as Ealfardan has suggested

Old Sales Quote is from the previously saved quote and new Sales Quote is made today. Both are different items and made at different time. My post is to find a solution of the default theme, which was perfect earlier and today it is changed

Please notice the change in the totals area.

The changes in the total areas are because you selected different pricing option

If you examine the edit screen, you will see the difference

I never used multiple pricing option, Sales Quote is made in a standard format. I created a TEST company and tried and the results are not as it use to be earlier

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