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well if that the case then, when a license is purchased and the application has bugs, there should be an SLA for the bug fixes. do you guys provide that ?

My understanding is that Manager is licensed on the same basis as every other commercial software program ie supplied as is.

Microsoft office or Windows does not come with an SLA. Bugs are fixed if and when Microsoft choose to fix them.

There is no legal requirement for that. From experience and from the “bugs” recognized as such see bugs - Manager Forum there are very few and mostly these are quickly fixed. What takes sometimes ages is ideas category issues but bug fixes are very quick.

I think there is special support for the cloud edition of Manager. Maybe it is oft forgotten, but those that subscribe to the cloud edition go here:

Near the bottom, you see a button for Customer Service:
Customer Service Button

You click that button. It takes you to a login page:

Even before you log in, look at the bottom of the page (see the image above). You see an email address to get support.

When you become a subscriber to the cloud edition, you can log in on this screen.

You see a stack of buttons for automated support such as billing, changing domain, logos, even restarting the server. Fortunately, I have yet to need any of these.

But look at the bottom of the page (see the image above). You see an email address for support not covered by automated support.

I think an alternative to using the customer support email, you can message @lubos through this forum.

Since I started with Manager a few years ago, @lubos is very good about monitoring this forum. However, I imagine he is always swamped implementing new features and remedying user issues. Therefore, he is forced to triage the issues based on his assessment as to what is most urgent.

When possible, I would try to get help from this forum first to avoid taking @lubos away from fixing and improving Manager. This forum is about users helping users. And I am sure @lubos will correct me if I have misdescribed anything.

But yes, you do have special support for the cloud edition.

@Indinfer, @shoki_shakya was not asking for general support, such as with billing problems or website functionality. The request was for dedicated service and access to the code base. Neither is offered.


I’m not sure @shoki_shakya 's requirement was for access to the code base even though he mentioned it. He said:

what we need is support for application bugs and features

And I think he would rather not have to fix the code or add features himself if he can get somebody else to do it. He wants some features even if he has to implement himself.

He might be interested in accessing Manager through Manager’s API which is alluded to here:

Generate backup using API - ideas - Manager Forum

and in many other threads.

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I would sure vote to have dedicated support even if that meant you had to pay extra for it. Many business’s don’t have time to wait for a forum reply if you get any reply’s on the forum to help in any situation bug or not. Most software i have ever dealt with have that especially if it is for a business. The free desktop and low cost cloud is great but it would be more then worth it to me to have a 3rd option and pay premium price for dedicated support. Plus the developer would make some money off it. Who does not like money right?

You are underestimating the cost of providing dedicated support - if there was a market for this, the nit would surely have been part of the service.

I suspect the real cost of such support is beyond most customers reach

If that was the case then why do thousands and thousands of business’s world wide provide such a service? I have looked at many other accounting software’s recently and most had a direct email, chat or phone number if not all 3. Clearly there is a market as most others have said service. In fact i have been told by a accountant to not use any software that does not provide such a service.

All of that comes at a cost. But the purpose of this forum is not to debate NGSoftware’s business model. The simple fact is, dedicated service is not currently offered.

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I hope one day it is offered and if no one says anything how is the creator to know.

Just for the sake of helping the OP could the OP actually message @lubos directly on this forum being he does have a paid version? If he knows of a bug and got it sent straight to Lubos right away everyone would benefit.

Using a paid edition makes no difference. All users are supported equally, and in the same way.

Actually, that is not true. The developer monitors the forum, where either he or one of the moderators will designate bugs when they are clearly communicated and can be replicated. The bugs tag assures they have top priority, while a direct message can easily be lost in a mountain of daily emails and messages.

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Good to know. I knew of a bug a month or 2 ago but didn’t know how for sure to tell anyone. I did just test it again in the latest update and it is fixed now but it would of been nice to know such info. I would still vote for dedicated service and wouldn’t mind paying the price for it. Dedicated service would make it easy for anyone to know what to do. You just call email or chat with someone who works for the place and your done.


Click the bugs category to find all currently open bugs reports.

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Thanks Mark! I hope that helps the OP as well.

well it can be done, provided its done where coding costs are cheaper, Nepal / India / Philippines etc.

chat and call support can be paid extra. and if the application works perfectly there will be less and less support to attend to.

wouldn’t mind paying 10 / 20$ a month for the support

Products are designed to address a market niche.
You are correct there are other ways a product could be designed however that is not how NG Software have choose to design this product.

By the way product support and software development philosophy are fundamental parts of a product offering. Bolting on a support contract just for an individual would not result in a balanced viable product.

In essence you are asking for a different product to Manager. Such products do exist, they have a different price point / feature set consistent with the cost of providing the level of supporting you are looking for.

This topic has veered into discussion of the developer’s business model. That is not the purpose for this forum. I am closing the topic.