Debit note

May I know is there debit note for purchase invoice?

Yes, there is a Debit Notes tab you can enable.

Yes, there is. You should click on Customize, then mark Debit notes to be shown on your left sided navigation bar and afterward, you will be able to enter Debit notes for your suppliers.

I hope this helps?!

yup, thank you very much. By the way, why the decimal places will not appears in the total amount?

Make sure to go to Preferences tab to set your number format. Some countries have “.” (dot), some countries “,” (comma) as their decimal separator.

Thank you very much…I have got it…May i know why i set my GST code name as GST 6% , however in the invoice template it only show GST?

You need to show screenshot what you mean.

What I mean is the tax code name only shown as GST but not GST 6% below the subtotal column…

Are you using custom tax code? The invoice simply shows name of tax code. Call the tax code GST 6% instead of just GST.

To see your tax codes, go to Settings tab, then Tax Codes.