Creating debit note directly from purchase invoice


In the guide, it explains that it’s possible to create a debit note directly from a purchase invoice, yet when I click on the Copy to…the drop down box only shows New Sales Invoice, and none of the other options.

Can I please get some advice about this.

Also It’s impossible to allocate the Suppliers debit note to accnts Payable, and none of the other options are viable, as its either the choices are income, expenses, receivable or equity, none of which make sense, so it ends up in Suspense, as it’s not being recorded correctly.


Again, please do not send private messages for this kind of question about using Manager. Also, do not double post your questions.


It sounds like you do not have the Debit Notes tab enabled. If that is so, the option will not appear in the dropdown list. However, you also said in your other post that you had created a debit note, which seems to contradict that idea. Which is it?

I didn’t know it was a private message, i was trying to post on the forum and it requested that i add a user, not sure where i went wrong there, sorry!

I enabled Debit notes a few days ago and entered a credit note from a supplier against an older paid invoice, but it doesn’t let me choose from accounts payable or any other liabilities, only from income or equity which is weird. These purchase invoices are directly allocated to Billable expenses which I then use to create sales invoices to my clients.
I am wondering if I need to create a sub account under Operating expenses titled Supplier credit notes??

As you provide more complete information, the situation gets clearer. Billable expenses, once invoiced, are no longer on your balance sheet. They have been passed through to the customer. So, that supplier’s credit note belongs to your customer from an accounting perspective. In other words, it is really not your debit note to enter.

Nevertheless, you seem to be misunderstanding how debit notes work. Because of double-entry accounting, the debit leg of the transaction is applied to Accounts payable because you have selected the supplier. If you also select a purchase invoice number, the debit will be applied specifically to it. The credit leg is applied to the account where the expense was originally posted, as indicated when you chose the account in the line item. Therefore, including Accounts payable in that dropdown would make no sense.

None of that explains why you do not see the option to copy from purchase invoice to debit note. What version number are you using?

Ok, I think I understand part of it, but still can’t see it in drop down menu on purchase invoice.
I’m using the desktop version Manager 16.10.65

Oh, my. Update your software. You are literally thousands of versions behind. Very little in the Guides or on the forum will make sense, because so many features have evolved in the past three years. Active forum members write from the perspective of the current program version. The program advances rapidly, and advice can become obsolete before a day has passed.

Oh Jeez, I did wonder why loads of things made no sense!!
How do I update it?

This is great, I’ve figured it out, Updated as you said and now can see debit notes in drop down box. Now, gotta see what else changed!
Thank you.