Data validation report to check tracking codes

Would it be possible to be able to generate a report that lists all lines of a particular selectable type that have either a selected tracking code or do not have a tracking code assigned, perhaps restricted by date?

For example:

  • List all lines within Sales Invoices with the tracking code PROJECT1
  • List all lines within Sales Invoices with no tracking code assigned
  • List all lines within Purchase Invoices dated between 06/04/2014 and 05/04/2015 with the tracking code PROJECT2
  • etc.

I use tracking codes to give a breakdown of revenues by project type but I know that I’ve missed the odd line or incorrectly assigned a code here-and-there making this breakdown at best a reasonable estimate, at worst very wrong. A report that can be run from time-to-time (as part of my usual reconciliation procedures) and allows drill-down so that easy amendments can be made would make validation and correction very straightforward.

Thanks very much