Data loss with upgrade to 21.11.81

Hi Just upgraded my Mac to 21.11.81. All amounts are now listing as $0. Transaction details are unchanged.


where is it showing 0? on the summary page or tab listings?

please post screenshots.


how do you enter transactions? do you import bank statements?
please post screenshot of the edit screen for one of the listed transactions.

Yes import bank statements and then insert some additional information.

Have not used the program since Jul 21 - never had this issue with any other updates

There are no value amounts in any previous generated reports

there was a recent change for imported bank transactions.

what happens if you enable the Fixed total checkbox?

There is no unit price so obviously result is 0.

Correct I tried it and no change. There just seems to be a loss of all values.

No change

@Jamie what if you uncheck Column - Unit Price, does the amount show? Something didn’t go quite right in upgrade script but it doesn’t seem like it affected anyone else so right now not sure who this could have happened.

@lupos Amount not shown. All payments = $0, all receipts =$0. Can see sales invoices with normal amounts. Looks like I upgraded from 20.10.58 to current

@lupos It would appear any amount every entered as a payment or receipt has disappeared. many of these were via bank statement downloads while others were manually entered. All previous reports generated also show no values indicating there are none in the database. I have reinstated 20.10.58 on another Macbook Air and used backups to get me back to where I was but loath to update my iMac. Was there an issue with how I have entered the data?

Hi - I’ve update to 21.11.81 and have exactly the same problem :0( How can this be fixed?

I’ve tried the new version on my windows laptop and my macbook and now both have the same problem :0( It looks like none of my invoices have been paid for last 10 years or so? How can this be fixed?? Restoring an older version doesn’t seem to work for me. I’ve tried restoring a couple of older versions on both my mac and my windows pc …but it no longer works. Help!

My receipts and payments are all showing as 0.

I just upgraded as well and can confirm that I have the same issue. I installed the previous version of Manager that I was using (v 21.1.11), imported a back up file and got my payments back (using version 21.1.11).

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@Jamie @SMH could you try the latest version (21.11.82) ? That is fixing upgrade script so the upgrade should work correctly now.