Customize Sales Invoice

Please I need an invoice customized for airline ticketing

The Description column should look like this

Please any one here to help?

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These are not variables Manager uses. And custom fields only appear near the end of sales invoices. So I don’t think you are going to be able to use Manager for what you want. You will probably need software custom designed for travel and ticket agents.

You could hire an HTML Designer to customise the sales invoice to the extent that you require. As you only want to customise the look of the Description Column by putting in a box and header with bold text and telling program to pull 5 fields - this should not be difficult. but you will need to hire an HTML Programmer because this is not a question that can be answered in the forum as HTML Coding is a very technical area and thus not suitable for this forum.

HTML designers

If you don’t know HTML, we recommend you to visit Invoice Themes to purchase pre-made HTML templates for Manager or hire them to create custom HTML template for your specific business requirements.

You should now be able to do it using the custom field for line items. Check the latest releases.