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Manager works well for most people. I don’t think anyone will be able to understand your particular problem without more information.

Please post a screen shot of the:

  • Report edit screen

  • Report view screen illustrating the problem

  • including the bread crumb (the top right corner of the window just under the Business name).

  • Use painting software to redact confidential information (leaving enough so forum users can understand the context) or reproduce the issue in a test business and screen shot that.

Dear Manager,
I send you report kindly se and reply me.

(Attachment Statement - A.S Fisheries .pdf is missing)

  • Support in Manger is via fellow users on the form.

  • Logging onto the forum is a more reliable method of making posts. The forum has the ability to insert images in a few formats, it does not have the ability to attach arbitrary file formats

  • It is a public forum so it is best to post content you are happy to be public