Customer reports: Company Logo, Proper Title & Stat-End date

I think it is essential the company logo to at the reposts of customers transactions, so that we can use it to send the transactions and current balance to our customers. It would be great to also have a Title like “Customer Invoices and Payments Analysis” instead of “Customer”.

In addition to that, i can imagine that after a period of time, tha transactions with out customers would be many pages, so we should be able to print, email, of pdf export only the ones needed based on the dates issued. (Start date-End date or Start Date-today method)

There is a plugin “Customer Statements” which should be actually used to send out statements to customers.

One deficit of customer statements is that it currently allows for “outstanding invoices” layout only which is probably fine for most businesses but some require “activity-based” layout which lists transactions on account in a given period and this hasn’t been yet implemented.

That is exactly the issue.