Customer Credit

Is there a way for me to create a credit for a customer? I’m a small hobby farm and I have a number of priority customers who pay me in advance (monthly/quarterly) for quite a few dozen eggs and they pick them up weekly then I let them know when the $$ is gone and they need to pay again. My index cards are annoying me.
So I’d like to be able to set John up with $24 of credit and then after he picks up a total of 8 dozen eggs giving him an invoice each week at pickup he can see where his credit stands and when he needs to pay again.

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To maintain credit accounts for customers, the only way to do it right now is to simply have separate general ledger account for each customer. I highly recommend against this approach if you have more than 3 customers because Balance Sheet report will get too noisy with these customer credit accounts.

So what to do if you have more than 3 customers? You will need to wait (around 3 months) for a specialized module that will deal with this scenario.

anything on this yet. I am in the same situation needing to “credit” customer accounts.

It’s very easy, go to either cash account or bank account depend on the payment medium your customer pays you through, Under Account column, select Customer advance payment under liability.