Custom tax invoice


I’ve tried to modify a bit of my tax invoice.
However any changes and use custom invoice template, ‘amount credited’ field doesn’t show up.

Also I want to put ‘Deposit paid’ and ‘Balance due’ fields at the end even the amount credited is 0.
And when I checked my bank transactions and categorised it, just next to ‘deposit paid’ field, I want to show the date the fund cleared so that we can track the date when it is made.

Can you help me out with this?

To have full functionality with a custom view template, you must recode it from scratch. The example that appears when you create a new template is not the code Manager uses for a default sales invoice.

When entering uncleared deposits in Cash Accounts tab, no clearance date is visible. When you edit to change status to Cleared, a date field appears.

can i create custom tax invoice in free desktop version please help with this. if any :frowning:

Yes, you can. Read the Guide at Unless you are able to code in HTML yourself, you will need to hire someone to do it for you.

However, depending on your location, some of the built-in tax codes automatically change the heading of the sales invoice from Invoice to Tax Invoice, if that is your only concern. You can search this forum to read the many topics on that subject.

no i want sale invoice too and tax invoice too. i need both

done with account and i am ready to pay for it how much it cost to add only one thing to your platform