Custom Reports

Is there any database where users of Manager have made their own reports and are available for use of others? I am trying to make a report where i can link sale of a product with its related cost and discount so that I can evaluate profit margin on each order. While trying to make custom report when I select Sale Invoice, the only columns available to me are the customer details instead of contents of the sale invoice like product, sale price, discount and any associated cost which I would like to incorporate. Many thanks if anyone can guide me on this.

There is a Inventory Profit Margin report

I think that what you require is possible, but a bit convoluted.
First you need to go to settings=>chart of accounts and add a unique inconspicuous character to the end of each of the income/expense accounts that are relevant. (In the example below I have used a semi-colon ;).

The relevant accounts in your case are Inventory - sales, Inventory - cost and Discount expense.

That done, create a Custom Report with the following settings (note the semi-colon in the account name contains parameter):

This is a sample of the output (the invoices in this case have items divided into 2 lines for tracking code purposes CGT/Non CGT so is reported correctly and not duplicated):

I hope that this is helpful. Cheers

To answer your first question, there is no such database.