Custom Report

Hello, I am a new user and am trying to create a custom report simply returning the number of items of each inventory item I have in stock.

However when I click on Custom reports and the guide says, The only thing on the next screen is a field that says Select * From and a RUN button. Is there something I need to turn on for this to work?

Update your software. You have a very old version.

Also, what you want can be obtained from the Inventory Quantity Summary under Reports tab. You don’t need a custom report. If you have at least one inventory location report defined, it can also be obtained in the Inventory Quantity by Location report.

You can also export the Inventory Items tab listing to a spreadsheet to obtain this and other information.

In fact, the one thing you cannot do to obtain this information is generate a custom report. Inventory quantities are the result of processing prior transactions involving inventory items. Custom reports only return information about transactions themselves, not balances.