Custom report with sales price

Hello, according to the explanation on the forum, I try to create a custom sales report, everything is fine, but the sale price is shown in price it was saved in the system does not show price it was changing billing time can explain how to fix

This text is confusing. I recommend you write your post in your native language and use translation software to convert to English. Based on what you have posted, your custom report is doing exactly what it is designed to do. If this is not the result you want, we need a more precise description of what you are trying to do.

I mean current sale price doesn’t show up in custom sales reports

That’s because you haven’t selected it. You’ve selected SalesAmount and given it the name Price i.s.o. selecting DefaultSalesUnitPrice.

thanks but this option not available here i am use version

Of what are you selecting the price? You haven’t selected Inventory Item first!


He doesn’t want the default sale price from the inventory item, he wants the selling price used on the invoice

I have a feeling that this is not available - only the quantity and the sales value

Isn’t that the same price? At least in my case it is.

The user can change the price on the invoice from the default price if they need to - for example to give a discount or a reduced price offer

yes i want show selling price