Custom Report customer, supplier and inventory loading error

on custom report from dorp down showing loading error when fetch customer supplier and inventory
please fix this issue

You probably need to select something in the second field, “item name” for example

no its correct …if 2nd filed is empty and third column use as “IS” then load all item

before update its working fine …after update get this error

OK, what edition (Server, Cloud or Desktop) and versions (before update, after update) are you using?

That way someone with a similar setup can confirm or not the error

Presumably you have created inventory items ?
Do you have any transactions with inventory items - if not, then that might explain the error

v its fine
and after update v and also latest v server and destop both

v this version is fine check

If you delete the where /inventory item does the report include any inventory items ?

Certainly looks like a bug

yes its bug
please resolve this issue

It is only recognised as a bug if it can be replicated by other users - so far, you are the onl user to report this error

this is not a valid anwser … check your self as dekstop verison
check this forum its already reported

I will try to replicate the error

Please show the full edit screen of your custom report so that I can use the same parameters

You are using Customer and Inventory Item without specifying a second field such as Name

Just using Customer or Inventory Item is not supported as “Customer” represents a whole series of data fields

So this is not a bug but just an error on your part in using Custom Reports. It does not support the use of fields such as Customer without additional information such as Name, Code, etc

I already posted old version value how to pull it
I know about name and code it’s text type for complete value
If you want dropdown value then use this type of filed

If a bug is already reported, do not report it again in a mew topic. I am closing this thread.