Custom Position of Values for Custom Theme

I would like values to appear at certain portion of a blue paper provided by our tax agency in our country. I would like to use a dot matrix printer so that values get printed to the exact position in the provided blue type paper (not sure how you call it, but its a three pieces of paper that when you write on it, the second and third paper will automatically reflect what you have written on the front paper)

My problem is the current code that needs to be modified seems to be causing a swirling headache to me.

I only know basic html program. the current variables and codes used seems to be unfamiliar to me.

I tried to edit but only manage certain variables like logo not to appear as its already been printed to a carbon paper. Also removing the table lines as i dont need it to appear during printing.

Can anyone help me out in positioning values?

Here is the format of the paper , thank you very much for your time reading

Transactions are displayed by themes. Themes are written in Liquid, not HTML. See If you don’t have the programming skills to do what you want, hire a local programmer. Any competent web developer should be able to help. But you are responsible for your own themes. This is not a coding forum.

I also question whether this is really necessary. Judging from your form, you are in the Philippines. There are many users from your country already. None have indicated a need for such forms. Is it possible that this form is only one possible way of issuing invoices?

Also, soliciting or offering work violates the rules of the forum. Your request was edited accordingly.

sorry my bad, i didnt bother to read the forum rules. thank you for editing my post.