Custom Invoice Theme

I’ve added a bank details table to a custom theme.
The table shows ok when viewed:

But when saved to PDF, or emailed, the table does not show.
I guess I’m missing something, can you help?

You’ve used some code for your custom theme that the internal PDF generator does not handle. The problem cannot be diagnosed by looking at the output on the screen that works. You would need to post the actual code.

Meanwhile, I hope the information you’ve shown is not sensitive. This is a wide-open public forum. If it is, you should obscure it.

Thanks Tut,
If anyone wishes to deposit money into those accounts they are more than welcome :slight_smile:
Will post code soon.

Thanks again for your fast reply Tut.
I seem to have solved my problem by enclosing my table in a <tr><td> </td></tr> construct.