Custom income account not available in sales invoice

I followed the steps in the manual:

  1. specified custom income accounts in income.
  2. created new inventory item and checked custom income and custom expense account
  3. created new sales invoice with this item. account is grayed out and no custom account selectable.
    anything else I forgot to check or set up ?
    thanks for help
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You may have checked the boxes, but you did not select custom income or expense accounts. Therefore, item SW-14 is still assigned to the default accounts.

@tut, @lubos

I think, this option is not working as it was intended to work.

the way it works at the moment allows to assign only one
custom income account when creating the inventory item.

does not make sense, when the inventory item is sold to
a country or region that require a different income accounts
than the standard account ( inventory - sale )

means when an item is sold, one should be able to select
this income account when creating the invoice.

this ist what I understand when reading the explanation
for checking the option custom income account.

" When this item is sold, you can specify custom income
account where the price of this item should be allocated to. "

looking foreward to any positive comment

On the contrary, it works exactly as intended, which is to specify a single account where sales of the inventory item will be posted.

The brief explanation included on the definition screen for inventory items says you can specify the account where the price should be allocated. Note, this is part of the item definition, not any transaction entry. It does not say you will be able to select among several accounts when entering a sales transaction. In other words, a custom income account is a fixed parameter of the inventory item, not a variable parameter of a sales invoice or receipt.

If you need to separate sales by country or region, your options include various uses of:

  • Tracking codes
  • Custom fields
  • Customer addresses
  • Duplicate inventory items

Please state what version are you using - Server, Coud or Desktop, what version number and what platform (Windows, Mac, etc) and Operating system.

The statement in the guide relates to choosing the custom income account at time of creation of the item not of choosing the custom income account on the invoice.

Perhaps the wording in the guide could be more specific but that is what it means and that is what Manager does.

If you want to assign sales to different accounts, then you need to create inventory items for each account

If you are just trying to track sales by region or sales channel or sales man, then have a look at tracking codes which are designed for this purpose

The quoted text is not from a Guide. It is the screen label for the field.

hallo tut, thanks for having the opportunity to reply to your email.

therefore let me explain the problem more detailed.

german accounting standards require different income / expense accounts
where different sales / purchases are posted to.

these accounts will show then on the profit and loss statement.

for example:
sales to customers in the EU are posted to account:
AM 4125 Tax-exempt intra-European Union deliveries, section 4 no. 1b UStG
sales to customers in switzerland or in the US are posted to account:
AM 4120 Tax-exempt sales, section 4 no. 1a UStG

as long as you use manager for accounting only it works this way.

in combination with sales and purchase it does not work because of the
automatic postings of inventory items to one singe sales account.

i tried some work arounds using tracking codes and custom fields in
combination with custome reports which returned information on
custom income accounts. that may help, if it is offically accepted.

duplicating inventory items or setup items for multiple income or expense
accounts ( testitem, testitem-DLL, testitem-igL ) ist probably to
difficult to handle.

maybe you have some more efficient advice for me and other german user

attached are some screenshots for your information

b braun

(Attachment tax summary.pdf is missing)

(Attachment Account Chart_SKR 04 English.pdf is missing)

(Attachment accounting only.pdf is missing)

(Attachment profit loss accounting only.pdf is missing)

(Attachment profit loss tracking codes.pdf is missing)

(Attachment sales invoice by custom fields.pdf is missing)

I do not understand this statement. What else would you use Manager for but accounting?

I also do not understand this statement. Sales prices of inventory items are posted Inventory - sales. Purchase costs are posted to Inventory on hand when items are purchased and transferred to Inventory - cost when sold. Regardless of what region your customer or supplier is in, there is no combination of sales and purchases to a single account.

Your example for intra-EU and non-EU sales seem related to tax code selection, not income account selection. Is the information you need not available from the various tax reports? They will separate transactions according to the tax codes selected.

I find it interesting that of all the German users of the program, no one else has ever raised this issue.

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@ tut, thanks for your help

i think i found a way to get reports that show what might be needed
by using custom fields

at present customers ca be domestic, eu customers or non eu customers
( other customer types may be adde when needed )

creating reports with " Sales Invoice Totals by Custom Field " will
show the total for all types of customers with the according account code.
and also list EU Customers with their business ID which need to be
reported to the tax office.

but the EU Customer report is not correct. it shows 1 additional line
with transactions of NON EU Customer 2 but without the Field Data
of this customer.

attached pictures will illustrate

i would also appreciate to see the following report:

 Purchase Invoice Totals by Custom Field

that would help to collect purchases from EU Suppliers and
NON EU Supplieres or any other supplier in the same way as it
does for " Sales Invoice Totals by Custom Field "

maybe you can add this to wish list for the developer



3 more Pictures

2 more Pictures

@wzm, I’m not exactly sure what you are trying to do. But here are some suggestions to try:

  • Instead of multiple custom fields, one for each type of customer, use a single list-type custom field named Customer type. The options would be the same as your current custom field titles. Then generate a report for that custom field and you will see all the various categories on a single report.
  • As I said before, consider obtaining this information from the tax reports. You would normally be assigning different tax codes to transactions for EU and non-EU customers and suppliers. Did you try that?